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    FM11 Screen redraw issue



      FM11 Screen redraw issue


      Just upgraded from 8.5 and to my dismay I'm having screen display issues in list view. When I switch from Form view to List view the first screen is fine but if I scroll down to see more records, I lose chunks of the display - text borders, buttons etc.

      This is simply shocking to me - to pay good money for an upgrade and encounter basic functionality problems is most certainly not what I expected.


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          Are your video drivers up to date?

          If no, update them.

          If yes, you may need to "tweak" the settings slightly to make this go away.

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            sorry I'm a reluctant Windows user so I have no idea how to check video drivers- I"m running XP SP3. Why should video drivers be an issue with FM11 when FM8.5 was fine? Fortunately it seems that I can go back to using 8.5 until I can sort this issue....

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              Steve Wright

              "Why should video drivers be an issue with FM11 when FM8.5 was fine? "

              A lot has changed in FileMaker 11 in terms of how it renders to the screen, specifically with no flicker unlike 8 to 10

              I have also experienced issues with various FM Version in relation to a windows update, however cannot not be specific as to which one. Mainly on machines with an onboard intel or ati graphics chip.

              Try changing the hardware acceleration 

              1. Right click on your windows desktop and choose Properties
              2. Click on Settings (bottom)
              3. Click on Advanced (lower right)
              4. Click on the Troubleshoot Tab
              5. Adjust the slider for hardware accelleration either to the second of third notch and click apply

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                Thanks SWS!

                My steps weren't exactly as you describe but I was able to find my way to the hardware acceleration slider and experiment with it. I seem to be okay up to the third notch - certainly the screen redraw glitch captured on my screen shot above seems to be sorted. Hopefully all will now be well! I do have an Intel 82915G chip - I'll try and see if there are any updated drivers for it and if the Council's firewall will let me install them if there are!