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FM11 set web viewer problem

Question asked by RussellStephany on Oct 22, 2010


FM11 set web viewer problem



i've searched the forums, but haven't seen this problem.  please excuse me if i didn't search well enough.

using a script to build a URL to access a webpage worked cross-platform in 8.5, but in 11.02 it only works on mac os x.   it is calling a php script with parameters, and that script returns a value (eventually), like this:

Set Field [ publish::datatosend; "func=somefunc&data=" & GetAsURLEncoded ( $alldata ) ]

Set Web Viewer [ Object Name: "webpublish"; URL: "http://" & publish::webserver & publish::scriptname & "?" & publish:: datatosend ]

Set Variable [ $i; Value:0 ]


Set Variable [ $gotit; Value:GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "webpublish" ; "content") ]

Exit Loop If [ not IsEmpty ( $gotit ) ]

Set Variable [ $i; Value:$i + 1 ]

Exit Loop If [ $i > 50000 ]

End Loop

Set Field [ publish::resultval; $gotit ]

the script then goes on to do different things depending upon $gotit.  i needed the loop because the script doesn't pause after the set web viewer instruction, so the content always starts out as empty (at least, that was the case in 8.5).

to get this to work on the PC (XP), i put a show custom dialogue after the set web viewer....  which was my first step in debugging the problem, but that caused the problem to go away.

note that without the dialogue box, the web viewer doesn't access the external server at all... nothing in the access log, and the "returned" result is just open/close html tags (not something that the external script would ever return)

now, a useless dialogue is not a very satisfactory conclusion, so i was wondering if this forum could offer any other options.