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    FM11 vs Spacebar shortcut



      FM11 vs Spacebar shortcut


      So who decided to remove the Spacebar shortcut for selecting fields and choose fields in the calculation dialogue?

      With FM10 I can highligt a field in the Define Fields window, press Space, and then I am transferred to the Field specifications windows.

      I'm on OS X 10.6 with FMPA11...

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          Ctrl+Option+Spacebar is the new shortcut.

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            Thanks for that.


            Do you know the reason for this? It's a little awkward, if you ask me... :P

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              My guess...and it is exactly that, a guess.  It may have partly to do with typing to get to script steps.  When you are in the script step list and you start typing the name of the script step, it jumps to the steps as you type.  Problem comes in when the step has a space in it...like Set Variable and Set Field.  As soon as you hit "Set_" it pops the step in to the script.


              I don't know maybe.  I understand the need for a change, I don't get why it had to be 3 buttons and not just 2...like option+Spacebar or something.  But I also miss the shortcuts to navigate to items that are now in the Inspector.

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                Good thinking, except for the fact that in the Script manager you use Return or Enter to select a script.

                (Sorry, I misread your answer. You where talking about script steps. Well, the same suggestion (ie below) applies.)


                It would be great by FM if you can use THE SAME schortcut for all selections!

                Well, maybe in v25....