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FM11A Upgrade removed ability to print single record

Question asked by basilisk2 on Aug 13, 2010
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FM11A Upgrade removed ability to print single record


In FM10 the print dialog box always showed a drop down specifcally for FM itself. The choices here were to print an empty record, the current record, or all records being browsed. After upgrading to FM11 this drop down does not appear in the Print dialog anymore.

The only way I can print a single record now is to do a search for a single record, and then print that - but I still don't get a choice of printing an empty record (to help with layout design perhaps).

Is there a way to switch this feature back on? I know FM10 had its limitations, but all I can find with FM11 so far is the good parts of FM10 have been taken out along with some bad parts - but many bad parts still remain. It's very frustrating.