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FM11pro advance IWP and Win server2008 DEP

Question asked by hervenau on Jul 1, 2010


FM11pro advance IWP and Win server2008 DEP


Hi folks,

Just a quick question if anyone of you already encountered the following issue.

While running FM11pro advanced on a Win2008 server and using IWP, the FMWepublish gets sometime killed by the software DEP protection (BEX error).

Have not been able to trace down relation between the online activity and the occurence of the crash, what I mean by that is that the solution can be used during hours by online users via the web and nothing occurs, and sometimes simply logging in and logging out triggers the reaction and DEP kills FMWebpublish.

Made a clean re-install of FM, still the issue.

By the way, tested the same solution file on win xp and win 7, no triggering of the DEP protection.

Any clue ?