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    FM12 Chart data point number formatting



      FM12 Chart data point number formatting



           Working with Filemaker 12

           Have a chart with three "x" series"

           Sale Count

           Min Price

           Avg Price

           Showing data points

           Problem I am having is with the data point number format

           Want min and avg price to be $x.xx

           Sales count to be x whole number

           How does "as entered" work

           Have gone to the found set and formatted data ... does not show as formatted in chart

           Have used calculated field for the data ... round(...) and abs(...) does not work


           john thorne

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               "As entered" means that no data formatting will be applied to the field type layout object for which you select this data formatting. Note that this specifies a display format for a field on your layout, not data in your chart--which is why that option doesn't work for you.

               Here is a calculation you can try. If it doesn't work for you , please indicate why it doesn't work as there are a number of ways to tweak it:

               let ( [ N = YourTable::yourField ;
                       i = Int ( N )
                      ] ;
                     "$"& i & "." & Left ( ( Round ( N ; 2 ) - i ) * 100 & "00" ; 2 )

               You may have to leave out the $ in order for this to chart correctly. I've check the expression in my data viewer, but haven't tried to use it in a chart.