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FM12 Pro Adv IWP Not Showing Databases

Question asked by JoeCoon on Jul 20, 2012
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FM12 Pro Adv IWP Not Showing Databases


Hello There,

I recently did an upgrade from FM 10 Pro Adv to FM12 Pro Adv and I am having some difficulties in getting the IWP to show my databases.

Mac OSX 10.6.8

From the start. I installed FM 12 Pro Adv using the upgrade package and license. I disabled IWP on my FM 10 install and enabled it on my FM 12 install. <- Have to do this as two FM installs will not both do IWP at the same time. I converted one of my DBs from FM 10 to FM 12 and there was no issues that I could tell. I then made sure that the DB was useable by everyone. I then navigated to the IP and port of the FM12 IWP and it shows the homepage but there is a message that there is no DBs to display. (See Screen)

I read some things about making sure the file was useable by the Guest account and I followed their instructions and that still did not resolve my issue.

Currently the DB is accessible by all users which means that anyone should be able to see it.

Any help is appricated.