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FM12 Pro advanced , Asp.Net and SSRS 2008

Question asked by NeerajSaini_1 on Jan 10, 2013


FM12 Pro advanced , Asp.Net and SSRS 2008


     For last few months I have been struggling to get the data from FM (Fm10 and 12) pro advanced but there is always one or the other issue. 

     Previously I was told by the support team that the drivers for FM10 are not developed by us so cannot provide any support and now even with Fm12 they don't provide help with their own drivers.

     If I develop a customer application and pass the queries I do get the data back, but when I use SSRS sometimes I do get it and sometimes not. Not sure why.


     Does any one have used SSRS to get the data from FM. And if there are any kind if precautions we need to take, Please SHARE. As there is no support for this work.

     will add more problems if someone ever replies to this post.