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    FM12 running VERY slow. Almost unusable.



      FM12 running VERY slow. Almost unusable.


      After upgrading to FM12, all my databases are almost unusable because of the slow response affecting everything from data entry, scrolling, find functions, cut and paste, drag and drop, everything etc. I can type ten characters in a field, and watch them slowly fill in. I called support about this before checking the Forum. The support rep said they knew nothing about this problem and had not experienced it. So, got off the call and checked the Forum. There are MANY complaints on the Forum about this, but no apparent solution posted yet. Does anyone have a straight answer on what is being done? Many thanks.

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          If you haven't already try rebooting. I've encountered a similar problem after watching a YouTube video. Some nuts like to insert stuff in your memory that affects everything else. Yesterday my browser went nuts and shrank in size and nothing I could do fixed this until I rebooted. 

          This does not sound like a Filemaker problem but something else like the above, a virus, etc. 

          Could an out of date plugin be the problem?

          Oh, since this is a new install of fmp12 you might reset the RAM to 256 in preferences. It defaults to 6 which just isn't enough.

          After rebooting open only FIlemaker 12 and test.

          If the problem persists reboot into safe mode on Windows or extension off on a Mac and test.

          Unplug your ethernet and break the Internet and wifi connections and reboot and turn off your virus/malware/firewall software and retest.

          In all cases reboot afterwards to reset your computer.

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            There are a number of issues with FileMaker 12 that seem to affect performance and it can make a difference on how your layout is designed and in what OS your are using as to how much, if any, slowness is noticeable.

            For More Information see:     Scrolling in List view is very slow

            This is one of many acknowledged bugs that can be found in the Known Bug List thread here in the Report an Issue section of the forum.

            It can also be downloaded as a database file from:    http://www.4shared.com/file/8orL8apk/FMP_Bugs.html

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              Thank you. My own further testing is not solving the issue on my end. I am using Windows XP, and have looked at the CPU usage and anything I suspect may be interfering with the RAM usage by FM12. I've done all the obvious things, made sure nothing is eating up RAM in the startup processes. Nothing out of the ordinary. One answer suggested increasing the RAM to 256 in "preferences" but there seems to be nothing in FM12 preferences that will do that, nor in Windows XP am I aware of any way to allocate more RAM to a specific program.

              FM12 is still responding terribly slow in even the simplest of my databases and the simplest functions (eg. basic data entry is a joke as the letters hit the screen seconds after a string of characters are typed), and it concerns me that many on the Forum seem to be aware of this yet my call to Support was met with the comment that they know nothing of it.

              Thanks for the help. I'll keep working on it.

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                The dialog may be overlooked. Here's where you can hange the RAM setting. It makes a lot of difference... If my memory is correct, my default setting was 8 Megs not 64. If that is an engineering error it may account for some of the slowness having been set to such a small amount. Check it out...