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FM12/XP not seeing databases on FM13 Server

Question asked by BenKreunen on May 3, 2015
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FM12/XP not seeing databases on FM13 Server


Hi All

We've just done a fresh install of a WinXP(x64) workstation running FM12, however after the install we can connect to our server (FM13.04) but it won't see any databases.  At the moment I'm just trying to eliminate possibilities to narrow down the problem.

  • Joined domain OK
  • Firewall and ports are OK (no difference)
  • Server is not configured to require login to view database list
  • There was a certificate change on uni's LDAP the same morning but everything else is working after rebooting the server. All other authentication from the machine seem fine.

Any thoughts on what else to check?
(PC is running XP for driver compatibility with a large scanner. It will be upgraded in a month or so but it's not a straightforward process, so suggestions to upgrade Windows won't be helpful)