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FM12: Bulk Email Need

Question asked by Mark_M on Jan 7, 2015


FM12: Bulk Email Need



Platform: FM 12.0v4


General idea of the function of the Send Email functioning when there are a large number of people needing to receive custom emails.  It will be a month or two before I'm ready to actually code that piece, but I'd like to know the best direction to go.


I'm currently working on a replacement application for our current employment document management system.  Currently our FM app manages the process on the front end, prints (paper) the required documents, and when the signed documents are returned they are logged into the app.


So the new system I'm working on will be a paperless process.  We still do all similar things on the front end via client software, but instead of printing paper documents the system will generate PDF documents and load them into a container field.  The employee will then be able to login to their record via IWP and download the document (for their own use) and will electronically sign the document in IWP.


So I've used the email function before to send emails via SMTP (we use Google Mail for Education as our email system).  But in those cases they were "one off" emails to an individual.  Once the documents have been generated and loaded for the EE's to review online, I'll need to send out different types of emails to notify people of their document status, So different emails would need to go to different groups of people.  Let's say I have 1700 teachers.  1600 will receive a notification that their document is read to review and electronically sign.  50 have resigned and won't receive anything.  25 are retiring and won't receive anything.  25 are on "Hold" pending license renewal and will receive an email telling them their document is on hold pending EE action.  Because different people in the same "group" will need different emails, the Email Groups setup and maintained by the IT department won't work correctly, I need to manage emails inside FM.


So in general what options are available and what would be the best road to go down in terms of scripting the distribution of about 3,000 emails to different people/groups and what does the system support?  (Currently it's based on straight FM email to SMTP, without plugins)

Option 1: Use a loop to send individual emails based on a per-employee record, that way the body can be based on a calculation that brings in custom data?

Option 2: Send bulk emails out to a found set of records, but the body may have to be the same for each record without custom information?

Option 3: Send bulk emails out to a found set of records, the body is based on a calculation and can include custom information for each individual employee?