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FM12:feature request:Chart

Question asked by JürgenSauerzapf on May 3, 2012
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FM12:feature request:Chart


We build statics due server scripts at night. If there is no data for an item we do not save a record in the statistics db.

If I display the statistical data with a chart the x-axis configurated as timeline  ( Date ) it is not linear to time.

If I have for e.g. 4 dates ( 1.1. 2.1. 5.1. 6.1 ) the distance on screen for all dates is the same but the distance between 2.1. and 5.1. should be 3 times the distance of  1.1. 2.1.

My interpretation of a time line is linear. Please add an option to accomplish that, if  have overseen that option pls. give me a hint.


Best Jürgen