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FM13 httppost with url containing a "?"

Question asked by robdownunder on May 22, 2014
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FM13 httppost with url containing a "?"


     Would like to use FM13's new "httppost" option for a "Insert from URL" call.

     I'm accessing a http server owned by a third party who accepts a form that does a POST request.

     Unfortunately, FM13's httppost implementation has adopted the "?" to tag posted key value pairs to the server, i.e.  httppost://

     sends a http POST request with posted arguments of x=1 and y=2.

     The server I'm talking to has "?" in it's urls, e.g.

     So z=3 (QUERY_STRING) should be passed as part of the URL (not the POST data).


     Anyone else seen this and have a solution ?

     Can't get the server admin to make changes, so I have to figure it out from my end :-(


     Been using ScriptMaster for years to do this, and would love to ditch it and use only FM's built-in functions.