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fm13 Invoice starter solution signature

Question asked by PaulJones_1 on Jul 1, 2014
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fm13 Invoice starter solution signature


     Hello all , 

     I have a problem with the FM13  Invoices starter Solution and signatures. I have played around with the layouts and I'm pretty pleased with the results my main problem is signatures.

     Ive placed a signature box on the invoices data iPad layout and this works well. my problem is the desktop invoices layout and printing this signature on the print layout .

     Ive copied and pasted the iPad signature field to the desktop layout.

     This works if i only have one item and i can see the signature on the desktop and it also prints fine. 

     If i add another item the signature disappears. Im presuming this is because the iPad layout saves a different page for each item row , while the desktop layout shows all these items (pages) in a portal . 

     If i then have several items and the customers signs at the end he is signing the last page on the iPad pages. yet the desktop shows the first with the rest of the products in the portal ( hope this makes sense) how do i get the signature to show?? with multiple items .

     Thanks again