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    FM13 New Licensing question



      FM13 New Licensing question


           I'm a little confused by the annual license. Suppose I go for that. What 
           happens when FM14 is available? I assume I can just go ahead and 
           download it as long as I'm paid up for that year. Fine. But what happens 
           if I want to keep the currently licensed version of FM13 on my hard 
           drive? Will anything be different than it has been in the past, where I 
           can run both on the same computer? The reason I ask is that under the 
           annual license scheme, I assume there would be a single license moving 
           forward from FM13 to FM14; whereas, in the past, each would have it's 
           own license, even when upgrading.

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               Barely a few months into our most recent annual licensing and we get to upgrade for free. In the details was this:

          For Filemaker Pro: Per your license agreement you may continue to use your licensed versions of FileMaker 11 or FileMaker 12 when upgrading to FileMaker 13 only during your development and testing. Once you have deployed your FileMaker 13 solutions, you must immediately cease using your FileMaker 11 or FileMaker 12 licenses that have been upgraded.

               For Filemaker Server Advanced: 

          1.           As part of your contract, we are replacing your license(s) of FileMaker Server Advanced with FileMaker Server license(s) plus 25 concurrent connections. Concurrent connections apply to iOS and Web connections. Connections to FileMaker Server from FileMaker Pro/Pro Advanced clients will remain the same as before.


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                 Another related question. Suppose after one year on my subscription, I do not renew. My understanding is that my then current version (FMPA 13) will no longer be licensed and can no longer be used. But if I had purchased that upgrade (for $299)  instead of purchasing a subscription (for $180), I would still be able to use the product.

                 Will the end-of-life of my subscription result in my actually not being able to use the software because it will be deactivated via a FMI server connection, much like Windows OS installs do? Or will I still be able to physically use the software, albeit without a valid license?