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    FM13 Odd Window Behavior



      FM13 Odd Window Behavior


                Hope anyone out there will have some insight into this. I have a remote user running FM13. When she opens a new document window via a script the window starts to behave like a dialog or floating window, but not really (I know that's not very descriptive). She cannot close the new window or select the original window that is open below it. I have made sure the window style is document that is set from the script that opens it. This doesn't always happen, but recently it's happening more. I have actually had it happen to me when I was Remote Desktop-ing into her Mac. I cannot get that behavior to reproduce on local LAN users. Any ideas would be appreciated.




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               Before we had the advanced window options introduced in FileMaker 12, we used to make such a window "modal" by opening the window and then pausing the script--which was placed in an infinite loop, user abort was disabled and we used "Halt Script" to terminate the infinite loop.

               Perhaps there is a paused script that is producing the "modal dialog" type behavior for this document window. If they can access the status tool bar, have them look for a light blue "continue" button in the right hand part of this area to see if there is a paused script, the next time that this happens.