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FM13 Perform Script on Server advantages

Question asked by MichaelVoccola on Dec 9, 2013
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FM13 Perform Script on Server advantages


     Very curious about the "Perform Script on Server" feature and I want to be sure I am correct in thinking it will have a potentially major speed benefit on complex scripts.

     Mostly, I am thinking up implementing it to run a 9-page long script with a few parts that are built to loop until complete, sometimes creating a script that can be in the 1,000's of lines long or even longer. The script essentially adds related Items as LineItems to an Invoice.

     This script in particular takes a second or two to run locally, but once the file goes on a server it can take up to a minute. By using the "Perform Script on Server" and making the appropriate adjustments, is reasonable to assume that this will drastically speed up the execution of the script because the server will be processing it with locally-accessible data?

     Secondly, is it possible to test this script on a FM13 Advanced machine (non-server) with the file local before it gets uploaded to our third-party server?