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FM13 WebDirect Popup vs Dropdown

Question asked by gregdc on Dec 18, 2013
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FM13 WebDirect Popup vs Dropdown


     In FM13 WebDirect I have a field that chooses from a very long list of items.  The list is powered by a list with ID as the first field, Name is the second field, display only the second field.

        If I use the popup the user must scroll through the list to find the item (that can take several minutes), and when the item is chosen the item name appears in the box and the ID of the item is stored in the table (which is what I want).

        If I use a dropdown the user can start typing and it will move them to the item quickly, but when the item is chosen the ID shows in the box, not the item name (not what I want).

        So how do I get the best of both?  Quick finding of the item in the long list, display of the item name that is selected, and the ID stored in the table.