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    FM14 Hangs



      FM14 Hangs


      Anyone else having an issue with FM14 freezing up?  Seems like whenever there is an operation that involves a progress bar, FM14 hangs before getting to 100%.  This is happening in FMP and FMPA, v14.  v13 seems to work fine.  We've had it happen when inserting a document into a container, when replacing multiple records, and deleting multiple records.

      We have to go through the Task Manager to stop FM.  No data is lost in the process.  In fact, even though the progress bar usually hangs around 60% or so, 100% of the task is actually completed.

      Dunno if it's something in our system, or a bug in FM14.  Odd how it works fine for us in FM13 though.


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          If you can get this behavior in multiple files (and multiple files that are not duplicates of each other), this should be reported as a possible bug over in Report an Issue where the report form will ask you a number of questions about your system and what you are experiencing. That section is monitored by TS personnel who should then respond to your post if they have anything like a bug already logged or with questions if they can't reproduce what you are reporting.