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    FM6 network problem on Snow leopard Imac



      FM6 network problem on Snow leopard Imac


      We recently changed two our old emacs for two imacs.  The imacs came with snow leopard.

      We have an FM6 database and copied everything over to the new computers using migration assistant.

      Now we have constant problems with the second imac FM dropping the network connection.

      Is it snow leopard, the imacs, FM, the router? 

      Thanks for any ideas,


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          It could be any of the above.

          What do the two iMacs have in common, what differences are there?

          Wired or Wireless - wired, I assume.

          Have you tried a different Cat6 Ethernet cable?

          If you PING the server from both iMacs, are the response times the same?

          To use the Network Utility:

          1. From the Applications folder, open the Utilities folder, and then open the Network Utility application.
          2. In the Network Utility window, click the Ping tab.
          3. In the first field, enter the IP address or domain name of the computer you want to ping.
          4. Select Send only ___ pings.
          5. In the Send only ___ pings box, type the number of packets you would like the Network Utility to send. The default is ten, which should be sufficient in all but the most congested network conditions.
          6. Click Ping.

          The Network Utility will begin pinging the host. If the host is on the network, the packets will be listed in the Network Utility as they are returned. If no packets are returned, then either the computer is off the network or there are network problems between your computer and the remote host. For a more definitive answer, use the Network Utility's traceroute function, which will attempt to determine where the network difficulty is occurring.

          If the two computers are on the same router, switch or hub, have you tried resetting (power down, power up) the device?

          If the problem iMac is plugged into port 4 - can you try a different port (unlikely to make a difference)

          The router, switch, hub may need replacement.


          Are both computers set the same in Energy Saver? Is the disconnect during use or during sleep?

          Have you done any monthly maintenance on the iMacs after Migration?

          Onyx, Cocktail or my favorite, AppleJack?

          At the least, startup in Safe Mode (shift key down) - this does some diagnostics at boot.

          Do you have network utilities installed on one? Little Snitch for instance.

          Is the server set to disconnect idle clients?

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            Thanks will try your suggestions.  Just to clarify:

            the network is just two computers (no server).  They are identical.  The main files are on one computer and is used by one opertor and the other computer is used by another operator to access the same files.  We haven't installed anything extra - they were only installed two days ago and we had the problem straight away.  Will try another cable.  DO your Ping tests apply to this sort of network?


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              Access the same files how?

              Open the actual database files from the shared HD?

              Open Remote in Filemaker, with the files set to be shared in the other computer's Filemaker sharing preferences?

              It is REALLY recommended you share the database through Filemaker and NOT by file sharing.



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                To clarify.  The two imacs are wired to a router.   The FM database is on computer A.  It is open multiuser.  On computer B we open FM then open remote.  The files open ok but then FM on computer B drops the connection.  The problem occurs when we are using filemaker not when we are not.  In  fact it happens mostly when we are trying to do things quickly on  filemaker - scrolling through or something - it's like it can't catch up  and then filemaker stops responding.

                I've tried a different cable from computer B to the router but not from the main computer but I'm not sure that's the problem.  Ive tried it using a wirelss connection but its the same. I've pinged from both Macs.  It seems to be OK.  The average from the second computer was between 1.169 and 1.243 and from the first was  1.187 and 1.222.  The traceroutes both went through OK with minor variations in time but only 0.01 differences.  
                The computers are set the same in energy saver.  I've tried rebooting it and rebooting the router and I don't think we have Little Snitch.
                I've replugged into a different port on the router. 

                I tried bypassing the router and just connecting the two imacs together using an ethernet cable, but the FM remote doesnt seem to see the other compter.  I'm running out of ideas.

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                  I just tried another router with the same result.  So maybe FM 6 doesnt work well on intel macs?