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    FM9 - Self Join - Multiple Related Value Lists



      FM9 - Self Join - Multiple Related Value Lists


      Hi all. I'm a real newbie, and could really use some help with this.

      I have a data base in which I want to be able to use a series of drop down menus and value lists. First I would select the first value, and in the new pull down, only related values would be displayed. I have reviewed the post "FM10 - Self Join Value Lists not working" and been able to get this to work with 2 fields, however I need to implement this with 4 fields, not 2.


      For example:

      4 Fields: Continent, Country, State, City

      If I Select "North America" from the Continent pull down, when click the pull down for the Country field, only "Canada" and "United States" should be available to select.

      Then if I Select "United States" from the Country pull down, when click the pull down for the State field, only the 50 States should be available, not any provinces from Canada.

      I'm sure you get the idea. How do I go about expanding the current pattern for 2 fields to work for 4 fields. Everything I've been trying has not been successful.

      Thanks so much.

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          This can be a bit counterintuitive to set up. It may be that the problem is that you've created this set of relationships for you conditional value list:

          Table-----<TablebyContinent-----<TablebyCountry ----<TableByState

          When you really need:

          Table::Continent = TablebyContinent::Continent

          Table::Country = TableByCountry::Country

          Table::State = TableByState::State

          Your conditional value list of countries would be drawn from TableByContinent. For States, use TableByCountry, for Cities, use TableByState...