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FM9 External Authentication - OS X not working right

Question asked by travbrack on Nov 20, 2008
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FM9 External Authentication - OS X not working right




So thanks to some helpful folks at FileMaker, I was able to get external authentication working with my new installation of FileMaker Server  It works fine on my XP clients running 9.0 v3, no login required.


It's also working on my OS X clients running 9.0 v3 as well, however it's not true SSO (single sign on) because the user is required to enter their fully qualified (foobar\username) username and password in order to authenticate externally.


I'm running Mac OS 10.5 Leopard, and it's hooked up to my active directory server so that the user needs to login using an AD username at startup.  the user I'm logged in as is a member of the security group that setup in accounts and privlidges.


Summary: Using the same username on Windows works fine, but I need to put in my username and password on OS X. 


Is it possible to get this to work they way I want it to?