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    FM9 not displaying database correctly.



      FM9 not displaying database correctly.


      I have 8 machines with FM9. Of all, two (at least) are displaying the database incorrectly. There are radio buttons that should appear that dont and instead, replaced with black space. The same is true for text lines where information such as patient name, DOB, address etc. Instead of the usual dotted line, there's just a black space. For the radio buttons, if I click where they SHOULD be, it appears momentarily but goes away as fast as I click. For the text lines, I see no line or cursor, but if I click where it would be, data can still be entered.


      It's NOT the file. The same database opens up fine on most of the other machines. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


      I meant to add, uninstalling didn't resolve the issue.

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             Sounds like you might be having the same problem I am. Are you on a Mac or PC? If Mac, try this: Quit FileMaker. Delete folder library/caches/com.apple.ats. Restart FileMaker. If PC, I don't know, but desperately need to find out.
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               You definitely need to identify the the OS of each machine--those that work and those that don't--it might give someone a clue. 
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              Sorry. I forgot to mention it w as for Windows. I also figured out the issue. It appears FM uses Microsoft IE to render the database html. As I was looking through what was installed in the problem machine, I noticed an Internet Explorer patch was installed on the same day the problem was reported to me. I gave removing it a shot and bingo! Both problem machines were fixed. It's the IE patch KB972260. I guess I'll repatch when FM fixes it on their end.

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                Steve Wright

                Sorry for bringing this topic back alive, but there solution doesnt quite cover all angles...


                I have experienced the same issues in Filemaker Pro 9 & 10 runtimes, however the KB972260 patch seems un-related
                One Windows XP machine has this installed and works fine, yet the same file on another XP machine it doesnt, and i have removed the KB972260 patch



                For anybody looking for another solution, if the above does not work try turning down the hardware accelleration (if your driver allows it)


                My Symptoms / Findings :

                1. Browse mode (maximised) no graphical elements are displayed and fields do not display text whilst typing, only when you leave the field

                2. If you restore the window (minimise) the graphic elements all display correctly
                3. If you enter preview mode, the graphics display correctly

                4. If you turn down hardware accelleration the graphics display correctly from start up

                5. Removing KB972260 and restarting had no effect whatsoever


                The problem is, not every Graphics Card driver allows you to turn down hardware accelleration these days.. it also seems the KB patch may not be the true cause of this and something that filemaker need to address.