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FM9 on Snow Leopard Server

Question asked by tobster on Jan 6, 2010
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FM9 on Snow Leopard Server


I'm a newbie to this forum -- and aren't really an IT person, but unfortunately managing the office IT is part of my job. 


I'm trying to run FM9 Pro on a Mac Pro which has had Snow Leopard Server (10.6.2) installed on it.


We're a small office and this is the first time we've run an actual "server" -- other than just having a machine which hosted the FM9 databases.


I've created a general user profile (not an administrator) and have logged in to the server. FM9 installed OK and registered/obtained its certificate online OK.


When I open a shared FM database I get the message "Filemaker cannot share files because another user is already sharing files on this computer" -- and I've read the discussion at


I've tried turning things off in the advanced privilege set.


When I log in as an administrator user and try to open Filemaker, I get the message that Filemaker hasn't been installed properly. It opens OK under the other user.


I can open the databases OK from another computer on the network (but obviously get the message that you are about to become the host, etc.)


We're trying to keep the majority of office files on the server.


Is what I'm trying to do possible? (although I'm starting to think probably not going to be recommended!) Would FM10 fix it? Do I need a server version? (We only have 7 staff, so don't run stuff that's too intensive).


Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.