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FM9 Tabbed screen display corruption

Question asked by Gingernut_1 on Apr 15, 2009


FM9 Tabbed screen display corruption


Hi, I work for a small publishing company, and one of my co-workers is having a problem displaying a screen with multiple tabs on it. Our database is shared over the internet by a hosting company, and as we all work from home, we connect over the internet. We are all using Filemaker 9 v3 (I think) and Apple Macs using OS X 10.5.6. 3 of us have no problem with pages displaying correctly, which generally look something like this:


Filmaker displaying correctly


However, one co-worker's version looks like this (this is a slightly older version of the above, but the problem is the same):


Filemaker not displaying correctly


What does seem to correct this is using Disk Utility to fix permissions, but this works only until Filemaker is shutdown and restarted again. Any help working out what's causing this would be greatly appreciated.