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FMDev - StandAlone FMP7 to FMP12 Converter

Question asked by davidanders on Oct 30, 2012


FMDev - StandAlone FMP7 to FMP12 Converter


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FileMaker 12 Standalone Converter
     VERSION 1    Created on: Oct 23, 2012

The FileMaker 12 Standalone Converter is designed to convert large .fp7 databases to the .fmp12 format. The Standalone Converter preserves the contents of your original files and creates new, converted files in FileMaker Pro 12 format. Databases converted by the database converter will be functionally identical to databases converted with FileMaker Pro.

     Who should use this tool?

If your database is larger than 400MB, has 4 or more tables, and has a large number of indexed fields and value lists, then your database is a good candidate for use with the Standalone Converter. It is still possible to convert databases of this size with FileMaker Pro, but because the Standalone Converter is a 64-bit multi-threaded tool, converting large .fp7 databases to .fmp12 format may be faster using this tool.


If your database does not meet these criteria, convert your database using, at a minimum, FileMaker Pro 12.0v2 or FileMaker Pro 12.0v2 Advanced.


     System requirements

Operating system


Recommended hardware


Windows 7 64-bit Professional, Ultimate, Enterprise


CPU: 8 physical cores




Mac OS X 10.6 or greater


CPU: 8 physical cores











Note: A PDF manual is included in the dowload files above, and it is also attached below if you would like to review it before downloading the entire package.