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FMP 10 Conversion Anomalies

Question asked by JHHowland on Dec 15, 2010
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FMP 10 Conversion Anomalies


After conversion of my multi-file Filemaker Pro 5.5v3 Marina Management Solution using Filemaker Pro 10v3 Advanced I have found what appear to me to be several conversion anomalies.  For instance, the calculation operator for "Not Equal To" in FMP5 (< >) is changed to "≠" in FMP10.  However, after the conversion to FP7 files, the "Not Equal To" calculation operator is still "< >" in the converted files.  This happenstance is true for the calculation operators "Greater Than or Equal To" (>=) to "≥", and "Less Than or Equal To" (<=) to "≤".  All these operators are left in the previous FMP5 format.

Does anyone know if this will result in potential calculation errors?

Also, I have found field and script calculations that have calculations with the added item of "GetAsNumber".

For example: GetAsNumber(Global Number Field) or GetAsNumber(Date Field).  This anomaly is troublesome to me.  For example, I have found that an expression like: "If(GetAsNumber(Date Field 1) = Date Field 2)" will not work since the original statement was "If(Date Field 1 = Date Field 2)".  The addition of "GetAsNumber" to a number or Global Number field doesn't seem to have any effect since the fields are already number fields.

It looks like I may need to review all my fields and scripts within my multi-field solution.

Anyone else run into this situation?