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FMP 10 crashing pretty often.

Question asked by AKS on Mar 17, 2009
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FMP 10 crashing pretty often.


We are running FMP 10 on WIN XP with SP2 some of the major applications that are running along with FMP 10 are Yahoo messenger, Symantec AV, Outlook 2003 & IE 7.
Sometimes the FMP just closes while it is loading up our product which is of 35 FP7 files at times it goes into not responding state. While Any 3rd party exe call from FMP script take upto a minute to be invoked and sometime even more we tried allocation FMP upto 250MB memory but it wouldn't help.
System config is 3.0 Core 2 Duo, 1024MB RAM apart from the other standard devices.

Any Suggestion to improve the speed and performance of FMP will be highly appreciated.