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    FMP 10 crashing pretty often.



      FMP 10 crashing pretty often.


      We are running FMP 10 on WIN XP with SP2 some of the major applications that are running along with FMP 10 are Yahoo messenger, Symantec AV, Outlook 2003 & IE 7.
      Sometimes the FMP just closes while it is loading up our product which is of 35 FP7 files at times it goes into not responding state. While Any 3rd party exe call from FMP script take upto a minute to be invoked and sometime even more we tried allocation FMP upto 250MB memory but it wouldn't help.
      System config is 3.0 Core 2 Duo, 1024MB RAM apart from the other standard devices.

      Any Suggestion to improve the speed and performance of FMP will be highly appreciated.

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          Thank you for your post.


          We have found that FileMaker Pro 10 will support on Windows "40-80 files open depending on machine."  With your other applications open, this may reduce the number, and perhaps you have reached that limit.  The fact that it takes almost a minute to invoke a .exe file from within FileMaker Pro seems to confirm that.


          You can either reduce the number of FileMaker Pro 10 files being opened, or limit the number of concurrent applications/windows open on the machine.


          Please see our Knowledge Base article #7061 for additional technical specifications for FileMaker Pro 10.  You can access this directly at:





          FileMaker, Inc.

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            It is possible to use FMP 10 or (even better) FMP 10adv to merge separate files so that you have fewer individual files. It can be tedious and sometimes there are very good reasons not to do this, But it might help. I also came across mention of a utility that is supposed to help with merging files in this forum.


            If you have to keep all these files open at once, sometimes you can do a little juggling behind the scenes to open and close groups of files so that the user still sees the things they need but don't have every single file open all the time.


            I'm in the process of replacing FMP 5.5 files with unified FMP 10 files. A user could easily exceed the 50 file limit until I implemented this strategy. In the old solution, the users had scripts that navigated to specific subsystems of the whole. These scripts, before opening the next batch of files, used the DatbaseNames function and counted the number of carriage returns in the list produced by this function. If the number was close to the limit, the script closed a list of files  from the other subsystems to keep the user under the limit.


            Maybe one of those ideas can help.