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FMP 10 Printing on A6 Postcard

Question asked by jawn on Nov 5, 2009
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FMP 10 Printing on A6 Postcard


hey everyone, I have been using FMP for about 3 months all self taught using the "Missing Manual" by O'reilly publishing.

I have had no problem with anything I have done printing on envelopes and such, but I just can not figure out printing on postcards. 


I have A6 105x148mm postcard that I am trying to print the name and address of customers on. The printer I have is a HP laserjet 4700 series and will print on a6, but the [FMP]print set-up does not even list A6 and I can not figure out how to set custom printing paper sizes. I know this may sound ignorant but its giving me one heck of a headache. 


Thanks to anyone that can help me out on this one!