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    FMP 10 Upgrade License Question: Am I S.O.L.?



      FMP 10 Upgrade License Question: Am I S.O.L.?


      OK, I feel like an idiot.


      I ordered a copy of FMP 9 Advanced on 12/04/08. I was shipped on 12/18/08 and delivered on 12/22/08. Because of the holidays, I still haven't opened the box, so I *might* be able to return it to the retailer, but before I try to cross that minefield, I'd like to know if there is a free upgrade opition for suckers like me who purchased within the last n days/weeks/months.



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          Guess there is not ....


          here's my story ... 


           am using Filemaker for Years. Version 8, upgraded to Version 8.5 and finally  upgraded to Version 9.

          I bought, and of course payed for it Sep 25. 2008.

          Today I saw that there is a new Version of Filemaker.

          When I called for the upgrade price I have been told, I have

          to pay the full upgrade price. It does not matter if I just payed for an upgrade

          from Version 8.5 to Version 9.

          Upgrade prices for Version 8, 8.5 and Version 9 to 10 are all the same.

          That makes me feel really good.

          No - quite frankly that feels like

          a rip-off.  Just paid $200 US for nothing?



          Deeply disappointed Customer 

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            Sorry to hear about your situation, dweidner.


            It sounds like you're out of luck, but it turns out that I might not be. Not completely...


            I called Customer Service @ 800-325-2747 and was told that there is, in fact, a free upgrade for recent purchasers. If you purchased a license "between December 6, 2008 and January 20, 2009", you can get the upgrade for free. The Customer Service Agent on the phone seemed to think I could slide by with a 12/4 purchase date, but since my reciept has only the 12/18 shipping date on it, I think I should definitely be in the clear (fingers crossed).


            To save others the hassle of calling, the place to start the process is:




            Hope that helps someone...

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              Bravo phow4rd! Thanks for the link. Following the instructions. You saved me a lot of time.


              I do fall in that time frame as I purchase Dec. 18.


              Happy New Year to you!