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FMP 10/11 - Can't move objects in Layout mode

Question asked by akseeker on Apr 7, 2013
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FMP 10/11 - Can't move objects in Layout mode


     Every time I try to move an object (text, field, button - ANYthing), when I release the mouse button where I want the object to be, it snaps back to the original position. 

     I've turned off "Object Grids" in the Arrange menu, and holding down the Command key has no effect on the behaviour. 

     The only way I seem to be able to move an object is by using the arrow keys.

     Is there some menu/inspector selection I can turn off to allow free-form placement?



     PS: I searched the forum for 'turn off grids' and several other terms, found nothing relevant

     Mac OS X 10.8.3, FMP 11.0v4