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FMP 11 Advanced ODBC Installation Fail

Question asked by RonSteiner on Sep 8, 2011


FMP 11 Advanced ODBC Installation Fail


I'm running Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 with all the latest updates. (Actually it's a new install to try to get ODBC to work with FMPA 11!)

I'v installed FMP 11 Advanced version 11.0.2 (which works fine) and am trying to install the ODBC Driver. Installing either the FMODBC_Installer_Win32.msi that came with 11.0.2 or the 11.3.76 Update gives me the following error:

"This advertised application will not be installed because it might be unsafe. Contact your administrator to change the installation user interface option of the package to basic."

I found this:

But can't find any previous ODBC driver to unintall using the techniques indicated.

I've also tried running 'msiexec /qb FMODBC_Installer_Win32.msi' in a command window as administrator in the install directory to try to address the error directly, but all I get is a help listing for msiexec (as if there is something wrong with my parameters, but they look OK according to the help.)

I also went ahead and installed the FMPA 11.0.3 update (which works fine), but the ODBC driver install still fails in the same way.

So ... I need another idea or help with any of the above.