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FMP 11 Design and IWP with Server Advanced

Question asked by WYRene on Apr 14, 2010


FMP 11 Design and IWP with Server Advanced


I'm hoping someone can give me some guidance... I've worked with database some in the past but am NOT an expert and although so far I know that File Server will fulfill our needs, I want to make sure we have our design and products organized before I spend too much time.


Our goal is to allow our customers to have login access via our website. From the website they can

1. initiate a work order (with pull down items with our service codes/pricing etc and

2. reserve equipment for a particular date/time (with pull down items with machine and times available)

3. Retrieve their reports/invoices (jpeg, pdf, excel formats)


We have approx 500 customers that we'd like to set up with login information. The 100 at a time limit isn't a problem.  We've been told that FM Pro 11 along with Advanced Server should work for us.  Since we DON'T want our customers to have to purchase anything to simply retrieve information or submit a form, we want to be sure our database is set up with this in mind.


Can someone please let me know if we are on the right track ?  I'd also love to hear about design ideas...   I've been playing around with the "Invoices" start up template and thought something like that would work but we don't have inventory so we'd modify the "products" to our service list and customers looks great then modify "invoices" to "work order".  We'd need to make sure this design would work with IWP I think from what I've been told...


Any help would be GREAT!