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FMP 11 Drop-down List Animations

Question asked by AnthonyReimer on Apr 30, 2010
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FMP 11 Drop-down List Animations


System Details: FMP Advanced 11.0v1 (2010-03-16), tested on a Mac Pro QuadCore 2.66 GHz running 10.6.3 and a Power Mac G5 DualCore 2.3 GHz running 10.5.8. Database stored locally.


I have a time usage database that uses Drop-down lists to help make entry selection via keyboard easier. I have used custom value lists to make the most common entries selectable by a single letter followed by Return. When entering data for pairs of fields in rapid succession, FileMaker 11 can not keep up. It will beep and/or make empty selections and/or enter data other than what is desired. The exact same database running in FIleMaker 10 has no issues and can reliably receive data manually at two fields (4 keystrokes) per second — FileMaker 11 can only do about 3 fields per 2 seconds. I attribute this to the new feature in version 11 (from FileMaker's New Features page):

In Mac OS, the following transition animations have been added:


  1. Drop-Down Lists "drop down" from the field to which they are assigned when activated.

Is there a way to turn off the animation and revert to the lower tech drop-down menus of previous versions? A secret preference that could be set using defaults on the command line, perhaps? I am trying to give Version 11 a chance (I reverted to 10 once already), but this animation is causing some frustration. I can't believe that the problem exists on a Quad-Core Mac Pro, but it does. Any help would be appreciated.