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    FMP 11/old admin password



      FMP 11/old admin password



           I'm stepping in as the new office administrator of an organization and my first task is to access a FMP 11database with a custom-built GUI  containing over 8 years of data. The last IT guy put a password on it, and was gone months before I came in. Now the owner of the business, and apparently the IT guy cannot remember the password. I've scoured the forum topics and know that Filemaker cannot reset or access the password, but is there anyway to salvage the data and the interface? The owner is resolute that we have to have that data. I'm fairly computer literate, so I can go in and modify files from the backend if need be. 




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               If the  former IT guy "can't remember" the password I suspect you're done. Perhaps a lawyer's letter to the former IT guy would help refresh his memory. It's not credible from my point of view that a person originally charged with what seems to be a large responsibility would "forget" or fail to have recorded this password somewhere. However stranger things have happened . . . . And you also mention the owner has also forgotten the password. Perhaps simple incompetence is the issue. Either way I don't see a way of opening this file unless someone remembers the password.

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                 At one time, FileMaker offered a service for this for a substantial fee. I don't know if they still do, but you can ask. Be prepared to prove that you have the right to access the database.

                 I've heard of, but never used a utility that can insert a new "admin" account into an existing FileMaker file. That would definitely be a "use at your own risk" type of widgit as it is modifying a file in ways that might not be correct and damage to the account security part of a file is very often not something that recover can fix.