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    FMP 12 + Win 8, Forms lose lines, underlines, boxes, etc.



      FMP 12 + Win 8, Forms lose lines, underlines, boxes, etc.


           Replaced a customers PC with new Dell XPS 8500, Windows 8, Filemaker Pro, previously had a Dell XPS 8100, Windows 7, Filemaker Pro 7.  Custom built database with about 1500 records and 15Mb in size print previews fine but omits and leaves out lines here and there on forms printed out from either an Oki ML-420 with Epson FX 80 print driver or Epson Workforce Pro WP-4533.  I had no issues for 2 years on the Windows 7 box running Win 7 + FMP 11, but now this issue?

           I also installed FMP12 on my Windows 7 & Windows 8 Virtual Machines for testing purposes and used the same database to try to duplicate, and cannot.  I am however using a HP LaserJet 2100.

           Is it something to dow with Windows 8?  Is this a know issue with FMP12?  (I browsed the forums, lots of persons complained about similar issues from past version changes, but I am kind of stumped, forthcoming a total wipe out, re-install of everything, or roll-back to Windows 7 and or FMP 11?

           Anyone want to chime in on this to offer any ideas??


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               1st correction, in above post; using FMP12 + Win8, old setup was FMP11 + Win7.

               Did a few tests until 2 AM last night.  Bottom line is ANY output to any other printer whether onsite of offsite is 100% perfect, as long is it is NOT an Okidata ML-420 with Epson FX 80 (1) emulation (which worked for years under Win 7 + FMP11).  All output FROM FMP12 to the OKI printer, irregardless of print driver or emulation still drops lines (as in example image, all other data, character print as normal).

               So, as an additional test from FMP12, rather than print to the OKI ML-420) (cusromer needs carbonless paper with 2 copies, much like auto dealerships and banks, hence the need for this old technology which is still widely being used to this very day), the test I did was PRINT TO PDF, saved to resulting output file that would normally be printed directly to the printer (with the lines/characters missong), and the output is as expected, all lines printed, etc. (as they do show in the print preview also from FMP12).  However, the output finished product as printed from PDF is not as crisp and clear as if it were printed directly from the FMP12 -----> Oki ML-420.  Is there a way to know what fonts are embedded in the output file from within the FMP database script so that I can possibly figure out how to make the PDF replicate the crisp output from the dot matrix printer, as temporary holdover until a solution is found?

               As a final note, I am not a programmer, so I am at a loss regarding any internal anything of FMP, but all of these discoveries point me to some possible errors in the coding, or am I not looking at the correct things to try to solve this dilemma.

               I'd hate to have to roll back everything to WIndows 7 and FMP11 just to make the output print as previously done (correctly), and really wonder where I should poke into the code of FMP to look for what to fix what?


               1> How to fix output from FMP12 to Epson FX80 driver on Oki ML-420 to print correctly as was correct in version FMP11?

               2> As a temporay fix, how to make the PDF output rather than direct output to ML-420 match fonts to be crisp and clear?


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                 Possible bug reports like these should be posted to the Report an Issue section of this forum so that they can be brought to the attention of TS staff that actually work for FileMaker.

                 1) Short of either getting a updated driver or using a different driver, there may not be a way to do that. Most printer driver specific issues that I've seen reported here do not get fixed by FileMaker but some get fixed with the release of an updated driver from a printer manufacturer.

                 2) There are two methods for producing a PDF: Save as PDF and a PDF "printer" utility. Which did you use? Have you tried the other method to see if it produces the same results?

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                   So I am clear here, I will ask.  I appreciate your reply, but again, I will ask, as knowledge helps all.

                   Are you assuming, staing a fact, or do you not know if the driver for the EPSON FX 80 (1) has changed for Windows 8 from Windows 7?

                   FYI, I installed FMP11 along side FMP12 on the Windows 8 customer PC, and the install for FMP11 prints flawlessly, just as it did in Windows 7, negating anything at all to do with "drivers".  So the answer is that the FMP12 is flawed, and one might assume that Filemake does not care about dot matrix, given the issue, and I'll go out on a limb here and say maybe, most use everything but a dot matrix.

                   I'm not aware of the "report" section of the forum, I just posted my question to get a FAST & SPEEDY resolution, not to put FIlmaker on notice that their product is flawed.  Once the problem was diagnosed, tested, solved, THEN I would assume a "report" might be in order, yes?

                   Regarding PDF print.  I used the internal to FMP12/FMP11 print mechanisim, I could try the Adobe or alternate utilities to see if it made a difference, but it's not required now.

                   Thanking you for your reply, but summary overview is that there are bugs in FMP12, and as I have seen, there seems to be bugs in a lot of previous versions here and there with this and that, I just get real pissy when I have to beta test for the mothership and my customer(s) complain about having to pay me for my time to solve problems that make me look like an idiot, yet I can explain all I want, all they know is it worked.  At least the previous version worked and I did not have that many new records in the new FMP12 database!

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                          Are you assuming, staing a fact, or do you not know if the driver for the EPSON FX 80 (1) has changed for Windows 8 from Windows 7?

                     I do not know if the driver was changed. When you have trouble printing and the issue is specific to a given printer driver, you have three possible culprits:

                     The OS, the printer driver and the Application from which you are printing.


                          So the answer is that the FMP12 is flawed,

                     While certainly possible, this is not necessarily the case. There could be a bug in the driver and differences in how FileMaker 12 interacts with the driver "trip" over the bug where Filemaker 11 does not.

                     All I am telling you is what I have observed over in Report An Issue when previous users have had an issue with a specific printer and FileMaker.


                          I'm not aware of the "report" section of the forum

                     There is a "tab" at the top of this screen named "report an issue" it is intended for reporting possible bugs in the software. That section is monitored by FileMaker Tech support personal. The TS people can search their data systems for similar reports, if your report is new, this may trigger an effort on FileMaker's part to produce a fix, but issues specific to only one or a few printer drivers is likelyt to be perceived as an issue with the driver, rather than FileMaker. I can't tell you if this is their response or not--that's just my personal observation based on past experience.

                     This section of the forum, where you have posted, is largely supported by fellow users, such as myself volunteering their time to answer questions about how to use the software.


                          but summary overview is that there are bugs in FMP12

                     All software of any kind has bugs of some sort. (And a quick check of the Known Bug List will show you a large list of them.) Neither you nor I can correct them. We either find a way to work around them or find a different software product to use.