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FMP 12 + Win 8, Forms lose lines, underlines, boxes, etc.

Question asked by BobFlowers on Apr 12, 2013
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FMP 12 + Win 8, Forms lose lines, underlines, boxes, etc.


     Replaced a customers PC with new Dell XPS 8500, Windows 8, Filemaker Pro, previously had a Dell XPS 8100, Windows 7, Filemaker Pro 7.  Custom built database with about 1500 records and 15Mb in size print previews fine but omits and leaves out lines here and there on forms printed out from either an Oki ML-420 with Epson FX 80 print driver or Epson Workforce Pro WP-4533.  I had no issues for 2 years on the Windows 7 box running Win 7 + FMP 11, but now this issue?

     I also installed FMP12 on my Windows 7 & Windows 8 Virtual Machines for testing purposes and used the same database to try to duplicate, and cannot.  I am however using a HP LaserJet 2100.

     Is it something to dow with Windows 8?  Is this a know issue with FMP12?  (I browsed the forums, lots of persons complained about similar issues from past version changes, but I am kind of stumped, forthcoming a total wipe out, re-install of everything, or roll-back to Windows 7 and or FMP 11?

     Anyone want to chime in on this to offer any ideas??