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fmp 12 - discrepency in how objects are displayed

Question asked by jrevah on Apr 17, 2012
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fmp 12 - discrepency in how objects are displayed


I recently converted my company's filemaker database to version 12, and we have these print layouts for invoices that aren't displaying the way they used to. I'm currently trying to fix these, but after a while of messing around with the layout, searching the forums and poring over the version changes I can't come up with anything.

So the issue is, we have these graphic objects, lines that run down the layout through all parts of the print form. These plain black solid lines show up in browse & layout mode, but not in the print preview. There are 8 parts to this layout, and in filemaker 11, those lines run down all the way, but alas now they do not.

Things I've tried include:

-creating new lines completely

-making sure the "hide when printing" box is unchecked

-bring the lines to front, in case some invisible object was blocking them

If anyone else has run into this problem, and knows how to remedy it, I would really appreciate it. 

Thanks in advance!