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FMP 12 - tangled data mess - 75 layouts created on 1 table

Question asked by LaurenMcAveeney on Sep 20, 2013
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FMP 12 - tangled data mess - 75 layouts created on 1 table


     How do I untangle my database? I used FMP 6 forever, actually 7 years and my customers were pleased. I stepped away from that job entirely, found a need for a new database on a new job,  so I went out and purchased FMP 12.

     I designed a new database with 75 layouts (forms) on 1 "table". Now every time I create a new "record" in one layout, new "blank records" are created in all the other layouts. I had no idea FMP moved away from how FMP 6 operated - 1 table for everything - kept the data segregated and accurate.

     Is there anyway to strip a part the data, so I have 1 table for each layout (75 new tables, I guess would have to be created)? I spent 8 months building the database and have no time or money to go out and start over. There has to be a way to break apart the layouts into individual tables so that the data can be tracked accurately.

     I need a fast solution, as all these blank records are creating havoc on our tracking metrics.