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FMP 12 layout pasting annoyance

Question asked by FilmUser on Jan 16, 2014
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FMP 12 layout pasting annoyance


     I am using FMP12, client has me using a Windows computer with XP Professional.

     When I paste an object (field, button, whatever) from one layout to another (nav to one layout, copy, change layouts, paste) I never know where it will land, often so far off of the body or the header, that I will get the message to enlarge the part to accommodate the position. Then I have to move the pasted object, then resize the part (it could be the header or body, I never know which till after the paste). This morning a button landed 8" - 9" below the bottom edge of the body (no footer) after I tried clicking in the body first.

     In previous versions, I could click a location just prior to the paste and it would land close by, but not with this configuration. I also don't have this issue on my own Mac.

     There are other small weirdnesses in layout mode, like constraining a moved or copied field doing strange things.

     Are there known issues with this version of FMP and this OS?