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FMP 12 Mac and Java versions

Question asked by mattb on Jul 8, 2015
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FMP 12 Mac and Java versions


I have a compiled FMP 12 Mac app that has been sold to the public since March 2014.  Since Apple's release of Yosemite (OSX 10.10.x), my customers have been getting a warning message upon initial launch that this application requires an older version of Java (SE6) in order to run, and then gives a link to download an older Java version which installs separately from the newer version of Java distributed with Yosemite (SE7 and/or SE8). 

I would like to avoid forcing my customers to download and install this older version of Java even though doing so does solve the immediate problem.  I'm assuming that upgrading and re-compiling this app in FMP 13 or 14 will solve this problem?  If so, is this a perpetual merry-go-round that whenever a new release of Java happens and is bundled with the next release of OSX, that this out-of-date Java situation will continue into the future?

If somebody could give me the skinny on what versions of Java are required by what versions of FMP, that would be helpful to know. 

Also - separate question - in order to sell a compiled FMP application through the Apple store, it seems that it can't be done?  That the application must be developed in Xcode?  Or is there a way to attach an Xcode developer certificate to the compiled FMP application which would make it Apple Store-compatible?

Thanks in advance for your responses!


Matt Bloomfield