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    FMP 12 Runtime Importing FMP 11 Runtime Data



      FMP 12 Runtime Importing FMP 11 Runtime Data


           I have a runtime database created on FMP Advanced 11 and is being used by a number of customers.

           I have now upgraded to FMP Advanced 12 and converted my database.  I have then used some of the new features available in the upgrade to enhance my database, then created a new runtime.


           I can not send my new database to any of my customers and have them use my import script to import their data from their FMP 11 runtime database into the new runtime because it can not be converted...!  

           Is there a solution...?

           If there is not, I have just wasted a considerable amount of money and time in upgrading.



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               It's not really that difficult.

               You would simply convert the clients database to FM12. Then you can use the importscripts again.

               You can offer this as a service to your customers. They send you their database and you do the conversion. Then you send it back. Make sure they don't use it inbetween.

               This assumes that the solution is not too big and that the amount of customers isn't either.

               You would have to send back the complete runtime. This involves burning on CD because it's more than 100 Mb.

               If you already distributed the Runtime 12 version, you would only send back the converted database, with instructions how to import.



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                 It's not the size of the databse that is the issue, it's the numebr of customers, around 150 of them.

                 I wish I have of known this before paying good money for an upgrade, which I would suggest that it is not relly an upgrade when it will not accept the data from previous versions. 

                 What supprises me is this software will import from current and older versions of other software, such as exel, but not its own...! 

                 I suppose I should have read the fine print... if it was mentioned.


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                   Hi Mitch,

                   Perhaps you can tackle this problem in 2 steps:

                   1. Build a small runtime in version 12 (same bind key as your original runtime) that uses the Convert scriptstep.  The purpose of this is to open your cusomers' version 11 databases and covert them to version 12.**

                   2. Distribute a clone of your new version 12 runtime that includes import script(s) required to import the customers' converted databases.

                   Our runtimes use a data separation model (multiple .USR files) and were somewhat more complicated to convert but this approach worked for us.


                   ** Instead, you could ask your customers to download a demo version of FMP 12 and use it to convert but then you loose some control over the process and error handling.

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                     I am just playing with a script in the new FMP Runtime that allows the user to convert an old file by:

                •           Insert file (Referenced) into a container field
                •           Converting the file
                •           Exit Application

                     Then on re-open of the FMP 12 Runtime, they can import the converted file.

                     It's working so far, but needs a cleaning up.









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                       One application with a Convert and then an Import Script is working well for me so far.