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FMP 12: Tutorial - Lesson 6, page 39

Question asked by bails on Aug 24, 2013
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FMP 12: Tutorial - Lesson 6, page 39


     Hello, this is obviously a "newbie" question. I am trying to follow the FMP12 Tutorial on "Create Mailing Labels" using the predefined layout for an Avery 5160 label. The tutorial indicates I should be able to hit "Enter" or "Return" to starting inserting more fields on the next line. However, each time I do so, a FileMaker Pro error dialogue box appears stating the following:

"There is only room for 0 lines of text on this layout. After creating the layout, use the layout tools to rearrange the objects so that more information can be displayed."

     The labels generated don't look like the examples given in the Tutorial. What is going on? Is the predefined layout for Avery 5160 corrupt? Can I redefine/correct it?

     Thanks for your help.