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FMP 13 - create related records - how to ?

Question asked by nickphillips on May 5, 2014
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FMP 13 - create related records - how to ?


     I am a surgeon with an imported excel database containing patient names and demographic data.I am using this as the parent table. I have set up 2 child tables to display info about 

     1. the surgery those patients have had.

     2. MRI scan data.

     I have 160 patients and records in the demographics table , but no records in the other two tables.

     Whats the best way of creating records already filled with the relevant demographics in the other two tables for me to populate with data about the surgery or MRI (which I will need to do manually) ?.

     Currently they are linked in a relationship diagram using primary and foreign key fields. I have  navigation buttons on the parent table which take me to empty records on the surgery and MRI tables. I thought I would like the button to create a linked record from the relevant patient demographics. Instead it just takes me to the table, I then need to create a new record and search for the right patient to pull the demographics through.

     perhaps I have set it up badly ?.