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    FMP 13 Advanced



      FMP 13 Advanced


           I am in the process of purchasing the FMP 13 Advanced & FMP server for my iPad 2.
           My desktop PC is Windows XP Professional, 3.32GHz & 3.25GB of RAM, is this system compatible with the FMP 13?
           My second question is I have FMP 11 Advanced and I want this converted to the FMP 13 because I have my file that has a lot of information I do not want to lose for my work will I be able to do this?

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               According to this KnowledgeBase article, FileMaker 13 can be installed on XP systems if they have at least Service Pack 3 installed:


               But you may not need FileMaker Server. To what purpose will you use that application? You can host up to 9 FileMaker Pro or Go clients with just FileMaker so sometimes you can save some $$ by using Pro to host your DB if your needs are modest.

               And none of these applications will run on the iPad, you can download the free FileMaker GO App to use on your iPad to open FileMaker files that are either hosted from FileMaker Pro/Server or copied directly to the iPad.

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                 Oh yes, before buying, I'd download the free 30 day trial and try to get it to work on your XP machine. If it can't handle the software, you then haven't yet spent any $$ on the product.

                 And see this link for how to convert a .fp7 file such as one created in FMP 11 to the .FMP12 file format used by FileMaker 12 and 13:

                 Converting to .fmp12 format: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/10571/kw/converting

                 The process is pretty straight forward for most files.

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                   Unless I'm missing something (which is entirely possible), I don't see where 13 can be installed on XP.

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                     My mistake. I misread the page. XP is not listed for FileMaker 13. Though I might just download the 30 day free trial to an XP box and see what happened. It could be that they are trying not to support XP as the newer FileMaker features work much better on newer machines with W7 or later that typically have more RAM and faster processors.

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                       I have the free FMP App. on my iPad2. When I down load the FMP 13 Pro onto my desk top I should then be able to pull my files from my desk top and view my file on the ipad, is this correct?

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                         Yes. You can use iTunes or Drop Box to copy the file to you iPad2. Haven't needed to do it, but I assume that this can also be done with iCloud. And I've recently seen mention of other apps to use to transfer files to and from an iOS device.

                         You can also enable sharing for FileMaker Pro and your file and host the DB from your computer, using WiFi to connect to the database from your iPad as a client of the hosted database. This can be a very convenient way to check and test your DB while you are designing it on your computer. (Often, layouts need to be checked and "tweaked" before they look right on the iOS device.)

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                           Okay just downloaded the free trial onto my XP and it will not install. It states that it cannot be installed. I have uploaded the image that popped up.

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                             Am I able to purchase the FMP 12 and FMP GO 12? Where may I be able to find this to purchase? I see that it does support Window XP and I can use 12 for my iPad also...any help here. THANK YOU!



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                               FM Go 13 will work with FMP 12 files. The file format is the same so you shouldn't need FileMaker Go 12. You can always contact a FileMaker Sales representative and ask if you can buy the older version. It's often possible to pay the price for the latest version to get a copy of an older one if you ask for it.