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FMP 13 Disable QuickStart Using "defaults"

Question asked by KH on Nov 7, 2014


FMP 13 Disable QuickStart Using "defaults"


Using FMP 13.0.3 on OS 10.7.5

I am trying to (en masse) disable the startup screens such as "QuickStart" and "Getting Started"

There seems to be a bug in FMP where it doesn't always read the preference file (~/Library/Preferences/com.filemaker.client.pro12.plist).

On the QuickStart screen, I can uncheck the box for "Show this screen when FileMaker Pro opens", and I can confirm that sets "Preferences:ShowQuickStart" to "0" in the preference file.

To re-enable it, I can use the defaults command to flip it back to "1"

defaults write /Users/howdydoody/Library/Preferences/com.filemaker.client.pro12 Preferences:ShowQuickStart 1

And when I launch FMP it shows me the QuickStart screen.

But after I quit FMP and set it back to "0", it still shows me the QuickStart on next launch.

Suggestions anyone?  It seems I can disable QuickStart if I set permissions to 400 on "/Applications/FileMaker\ Pro\ 13/FileMaker\", but I don't know if that will somehow break something later on (seems unlikely, but not impossible).

By the way, I found a typo in the file "fmp13_install.pdf" which refers to the preference file as 


but AFAIK the file is