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FMP 13 howto vector graphics in layout

Question asked by HeikoRobert on Oct 20, 2014
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FMP 13 howto vector graphics in layout


We are evaluating FM for windows. For the print layouts we need to include vector graphics to get high quality/small size PDF printouts. How could this be done?

I found howtos using Macintosh PICT format so I additionally installed FM on a mac but even on a mac PICT is not recognized as supported format.

PDF is only recognized on mac and is getting an ugly 72px image when working on windows.

EPS is not working at all (s.

Are there ANY vector formats supported in FMP 13 to be placed on a (printing) layout? This would be a killer criteria for us for the FM use case. A work around would be to add vector graphics later by custom printer queues but this is not something I want to follow ...

Thanks in advance