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FMP 6, FMP 10, and TypeIt4Me

Question asked by fmchris on Oct 2, 2011
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FMP 6, FMP 10, and TypeIt4Me



I managed to convert all my database solutions successfully from FMP6 to FMP10 on my G5 iMac. Most of the databases are not noticeably slower.

However I've a severe problem with my writing database. This contains a few fields within which I type away merrily, as if into a word processor. Plus I use the text expander TypeIt4Me. In FMP6 this is as quick as typing into TextEdit, but in FMP10 it is quite awful. The speed of typing, and of abbreviations expansion, is so slow that I find it unusable. For just this one database I have gone back to FMP6, keeping FMP10 for everything else.

Why should typing into a field (defined as a text field) be so much slower in FMP10? Is there something I should have done but haven't? Thanks for any help you can give.