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    FMP 6: Search only prints 1 record



      FMP 6: Search only prints 1 record




      I'm attempting to print the results of searching our database.  I inserted a button with the print script, however, when it sends it to the printer it only prints one record.  Sometimes it is the first record shown, other times it seems to pick one at random from the results.


      Does anyone have any ideas on what we're doing wrong here?  I'm more than willing to provide any additional information you need. 

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          In all versions of Filemaker, you have two basic print options available to you: Current Record and Records Being Browsed. If current record is specified, whatever record is the current record ( it could be any record in the found set ) is printed. If Records Being Browsed is specified all records in the found set print.


          You need to update the script to specify the Records Being Browsed option.


          I don't have FMP 6, but do have FMP 5.5. In FMP 5.5, you have to manually print your report one time with the options you want, then open the script to edit it. When you close the script you will be asked if you want to Replace your print set up. If that's how it works with FMP 6, then choose to replace your print set up and it should work for you.

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               That did the trick.  Thank you so much for your help.