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FMP 9, 10,

Question asked by MikeVargas on Mar 19, 2011


FMP 9, 10, & 11 not able to send mail via Outlook 2011


Is anyone experiencing problems with FMP with a Windows 7 system and Outlook 2011 not being able to create a new mail message?

We had XP and FMP 9 and Outlook 2007 and worked beautifully.  Testing Windows 7 Enterprise, Outlook 2010 and FMP 9 at work and absolutley nothing happens at the 'send mail' script step now.

At home I have Windows 7 ultimate and Outlook 2010 and FMP 11, and same issue...nothing happens.  

Is this something FileMaker needs to fix?  I saw that they updated 11 to v3 to fix Outlook issue with Mac OS.  But we can't upgrade to anything from FMP 9 at need a patch for that too!