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FMP Adv 11 Pie Chart problem

Question asked by basilisk2 on Aug 11, 2010


FMP Adv 11 Pie Chart problem


I have a table called "Funds" which I want to use to give me a brief overview of the characteristics of each fund I invest in, and after that produce an overview of the portfolio as a whole. 

The data I am collecting for each fund is the proportion as a percentage the fund invests in each asset class eg Equity, Bonds, Cash etc. The percentage in each class is recorded in its own field for each fund separately. The sum of these components of each fund should always add up to 100%. I want to represent this as a Pie Chart, so that the proportion of each asset class the fund invests in is represented by a slice of the pie chart.

After having the pie chart for each fund show me the asset spread in the layout, I then want to create a report that shows the same information but this time for my overall portfolio eg (Equity Proportion in Fund 1 + Equity Proportion in Fund 2 + Equity Proportion in Fund 3) is the first slice, then (Bonds Proportion in Fund 1 + Bonds Proportion in Fund 2 + Bonds Proportion in Fund 3) is the second slice - and so on.

My problem is, I can't see how to get the charting tool to show the different asset class proportions for a single fund; it appears to want to compare the data across records, not across fields which means instead of getting five slices, I get only one. Although I can list many data series' I can only list one label, which seems bonkers.

Where am I going wrong?